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Hey bebes! We did it! We conquered UPD EEEI together. Now, we conquered REE Board Exam together! Im just so proud of us. Love you both. What’s next? Hahahaha! Let’s galera na then asia tour! :))))))

P.S. Magdiet na tayo. Mej payat pa tayo dito oh. :)))))

#lisensyadongtresmarias #powerpuff #REE #UPD #flashbackfriday

@khayziet @vadavadz

Ngiting tapos na magboard exam. Thank you Lord! Ikaw na po bahala sa results. Alam Nyo naman po kung ano wish ko. :)))) Salamat sa lahat ng prayers nyo guys. <3 (at La-Asya Centris Walk)

Hello modules! #finalpush #boardexam #REEBoard

Staying calm when our circumstances are not calm.

my aral paraphernalia. 32 days to go #aralmode #focus #REEBoard (at Cafe Kivhan Coffee)



Cafe-UK Co. is the new cafe/USTambayan and the “it” 24 hour hub for the caffeine geeks. It is an open fact that there are a lot of cafe’s surrounding the UST community, but have you ever wished that places like this is running its business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week- well here it is!…

will try this next time. i hope it’s gonna be worth it.

There’s a difference between “pressing in” and “striving after” God. Pressing in comes from the truth that He has made himself FREELY available to us. Striving comes from the lie that we won’t see him unless we work for it. -Casey Cunliffe


Columns of Suspended Charcoal Explore Relationship Between Nature and Man by Seoul-based artist Seon Ghi Bahk

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